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Official letter to The Korea Herald 2007-01-07
Alfred Harth 조회 : 5,285,
Official letter to The Korea Herald

your article „Heart of rock...“ page 4, 2006.01.16

please do not anymore torture eyes & mind by promoting
the „drumming ambassador“ in your papers that is
already hard to digest in all its conservativeness!
Mr.Vershbow called Coreans „criminal“ which seems to
be a classical projection
as the US is black-painting a big part of Corea in
another besiegement-strategy via a probably
US-fabricated counterfeiting suspicion.
There is no need to try to white-wash Mr.V.`s rude
behaviour by talking about his
hobbies.This is ridiculous! More: it is a shame to
have seen several times his musical uninterestingness
- even on Korean Herald`s frontpage – instead of ever
have seen an edited article about Corean
Please stop steadily promoting a person which such
great irrelevance!!!Thank you.

Your reader (still),

Alfred Harth

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