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RELAY four 2007-01-07
Alfred Harth 조회 : 6,001,
RELAY four

The driver forced me over roads of Sao Paolo or was it
the Toegyero.The wipers draw coal dust from time to
time in tunnels of nano to trigger tiny animations
according to roaring sounds.I saw angels in violet &
angels in orange,solarized vehicles in geometrical
asymetries.Clockwork programmings.His ship was
instrumental in the rescue of the Klingon raptor,the
Sam Ra,from the dense atmosphere of a gas giant.He
moved his arms but did not dance.Machines don`t have
this feeling.Live-performance of a search-engine.If
only that transparent Long-Play would fit into his
CD-player...711 audience mobile phones rang into the
mixer & from there to Kaoss Pad... a song spelled it`s
words – glissandi my way within the metropolis of
W-river - typically for a night in the 44th century.

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