¬ + : *

¬ + : *
noid, Taku Unami
type : CD
price : 15000 won
distribution :  





track list:
1: 2*1
2: 1*2
3: 2*3
4: 1*1
5: 2*2
6: 1*3

noid : Cello
Taku Unami : Devices


noid / Taku Unami: ¬ + : *
(speak: “not plus but multiply”)
music played by more than one musician, from a topological point of view, is always based on a simple plus-operation:

2 musicians: 1+1
3 musicians: 1+1+1

This CD is based on the idea use another simple operator to join two musicians together, multiply:

2 musicians: 1*1

The interesting thing about this operation is that 1*0=0, while 1+0=1, meaning you don’t necessarily notice if one musician is silent in the case of “plus”, but in case of “multiply” everyone can cancel out the whole music at any time and every sound produced needs the activity of both musicians.

In practice, the live setups of noid and Taku Unami were merged, the motors of Unami placed on the cello of noid.
Unami controling the motors from his laptop, while noid is controling the placement of the motors, manipulating the resonances of the instruments and trying to keep the cello safe.

something like playing four-handed, using contemporary technology on a traditional instrument…                                             

                                                                                                                                noid  2009

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